Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Philly Farm and Food Fest

We're heading to the big city on Sunday, April 1st,
Participating in the Philly Farm and Food Fest!

We'll be at the Philadelphia Convention Center 
with lots of local foodies!

Sunday is going to be a beautiful day to spend in the city.
Stop by to say hello and to taste-test your way through the show!
We'll be looking for you!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easy and Amazing

Yard work keeping you busy?
Need an easy, but delicious dinner?
Plan ahead!

Order one of Market Day Canele's tarts for a quick dinner!
 Not sure what Gil will be creating for this week's market -
Had this from last market
Check out the ingredient list
! local !
He makes a limited number and they go fast!


My House Cookies
More than "just cookies"
as if Marie's cookies could ever be described as
"just a cookie"!
My personal favorite!
Marie makes amazing quiche
Usually has 2 options available
the perfect dinner option - salad on the side and your work is done!
Just heat, and, eat!
 See you at market this week!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What's all the Buzzzzzzzz?

It was an amazing Saint Patrick"s Day morning at Bellevue Farm,
the perfect home for leprechauns,
 And also home to Carmen B's bees.
Meet Carmen Battavio - our own apiarist -better know as bee keeper, 
all suited up for some spring cleaning of his hives.
 Carmen wanted to show you how he tends his hives this time of year.
The white crust on top of the open hive is the remaining sugar from the winter feeding.
 This little contraption - well, it's very important.
It's the smoke pot - the smoke calms the bees,
allowing Carmen to work the hives without getting stung.
 It doesn't harm the bees at all.
 His first task -
remove the sugar wafer from the winter feeding.
He can then remove the individual frames to inspect them.
The bees were very active today.
 Here's a close up!
No risk of a sting!
 This frame has some yummy honey
I know - I tried it!
Another close up - honey and bee!
 Once Carmen finishes cleaning and inspecting the hives
its time to start the spring feeding of a sugar syrup 
- here he is pouring it into the top of the hive.
 The proud bee keeper!
Toward the end of the month Carmen will be starting new hives,
and he's invited EGFM to help out - stay tuned!
Carmen B's Honey is at winter market the 2nd Thursday of the month.
Stop by and get a taste of real East Goshen honey!