Sunday, February 26, 2012

Market Finds February 23, 2012

Sure hope you made it to market this week!
Lots of great finds!
Saint Peter's pain au chocolat, or, chocolaté croissants
Buttery, chocolately delicious!
 My new find from Pureblend
Seasoned salts
In my market bag this week -
smoked sea salt
lava sea salt
look for a separate post later this week on salt
 Market Day Canele's 
Fleur de sel Caramels
Look for this basket of decadance at their stand
 Another find from Market Day Canele
and my new addiction
Spicy - ask Nem about them!
 My House Cookies
No baking required
Instant delicious-ness!
 And have you tried her 
Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie - YUM!
Lara's Biscotti
Crunchy biscotti just begging for a cup of coffee!
 Livengood Farms
Still bringing fresh, local produce
Brussels Sprouts Stalks
If you haven't introduced your kids to "real" sprouts 
you're missing a great educational experience on how food grows! 
Perfect for cold weather soup stock!
 Lindenhof Farm
There is a story to this photo
We felt Axel needed some draw to attract his customers
Inside joke!
He carries the real deal - farm fresh eggs and sausages.
 And this week 
Snow drops!
 Here's his daughter with their 
non-meat option of the week
 Cupcakes = Dia Doce
Fresh, Flavored, Nut Butters
Naughty, Nutty Love!
 And their new Tower of Power
A sampling of 3 of their popular nut butters!
 Shellbark Hollow Farm
Goat Milk Delights
Its kidding season - stay tuned to the blog for new baby pics!
 Can you guess what this is?
Veronica's Doggie Delights
"Three in One"
A marrow bone, 
filled with peanut butter and oats,
and wrapped in apple biscotti!!!
 Fit for a king!
If you missed market this week
have no fear
We'll be back again 
March 8, 2012
East Goshen Township Building
in the Municipal Works Garage
3PM - 5PM

See you there!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What's Cooking? Kefir Roasted Chicken Thighs!

Here's a simple - delicious recipe
Perfect for every night dinners, special occassions
or even Superbowl Sunday!

Start with kefir from Shellbark Hollow Farm
Kefir is a fermented milk 
Goat milk from Shellbark Hollow
Add seasoning - garlic and smoked paprika -
And some beautiful chicken thighs from our 
favorite poultry farmer 

Courtesy of Smitten Kitchen
Promise you - its yummy!
The recipe calls for buttermilk - 
I've made it with both buttermilk and SBH's kefir
The kefir added a depth of flavor the buttermilk just didn't have.

You'll need to marinate the chicken overnight
- here they are ready for the oven - 
dusted with smoked paprika
Out of the oven
Beautifully crisp and browned!
Served them with a winter salad of
Spinach, wild rice, sweet potatoes, parsley root, onion,
dried apples, dried cranberries, 
local hickory nuts,
and dressed with a simple vinaigrette.

The grocery store provided the spinach, wild rice and cranberries, 
everything else came from 
Livengood Farm and Frecon Farm
Eating LOCAL - as local as possible this time of year!