Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kids Just Love the Market

Want a great summer activity for your kids - - - visit the East Goshen Farmers' Market! This week we had Danika from The Kimberton Waldorf School hosting our kid activity - Thank You So Much Danika and Kimberton Waldorf! The activity this week - painting - 
Just look at these smiling faces! Danika kept our EGFM Kids entertained for hours!
It was fun for everyone!
Our East Goshen community has lots of aspiring artists! Look at this brother and sister enjoying the opportunity to create! Thanks again Kimberton Waldorf! Oh, and guess what - - - Kimberton Waldorf had such a great time at the market last week that they are planning on coming back this week!
And who says kids don't get excited over veggies - - - Sam from Maysie's Farm has a great sign, this little one was very impressed!
Oh Dear! I think this watermelon weighs more than the child - we grow 'em strong here in East Goshen. And Peg from Blueberry Hills Farm grows these gorgeous watermelons!
All it took was a bag of beautiful baby zucchini from Tap Root Farm to put a smile on this little lady's face. Who says eating healthy can't be fun?!?
And this look of contentment comes from savoring a Mompops' wholesome popsicle. Looks like it might be nap-time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

See You at Market Tomorrow!

It's going to be a perfect summer market day tomorrow. Our vendors tomorrow include: 

Avello Mushrooms
Blueberry Hill Farm - produce
Dia Doce - cupcakes
Ellen April Soaps
Frecon Orchards 
Fresh A Peel Hummus - brand new to the market tomorrow!
Good Spoon Soups
Highland Farm - sheeps' milk cheese
Lindenhof Farm - poultry, eggs and meats
Made in the Shade Lemonade 
Market Day Canele - canele and sweet and savory tarts
Maysies Farm - produce
Mompops Popsicles
My House Cookies - Marie was just voted "Best of " in Main Line Today for her cookies, scones and pies - - - Congratulations Marie - More on Marie next week!!!
Pure Blend Tea - brand new to the market tomorrow!
Red Haven Farm - grass fed meats
Scaheffer's Flowers - fresh cut flowers
Shellbark Hollow Farm - East Goshen's own goat milk cheese
Veronica's Doggie Delights
Wild Flour Bakery - delicious breads

Stadium Grille will be cooking up dinner - enjoy the night off - in addition to their regular selections, they'll be making Avello's portobello mushroom burgers!!!

We got some fun for the kids as well! Join the faculty and staff from Kimberton Waldorf School for a unique crafting experience based on imaginative, play-based learning. Visit their website:

Are you musical??? We want you!!! Talk to us if you'd like to share your musical talents at the market!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lots of Market Specials - July 28th!

YUM! Lots of great specials at market this week!!!

My House Cookie - The blueberry crop is slowing down so if you want one of Marie's delicious blueberry pies you should contact Marie to have her save one. 610.459.1869 or .  She will also have 3 different quiche offerings – Quiche Lorraine; tomato and bacon quiche; and corn, tomato, and zucchini quiche.

Pureblend Tea - Kari will be joining us for the first time this week with her organic whole leaf tea blends and sea salts sold by the ounce.  Enjoy a glass of Iced Matcha, Matcha Chai Lattes with almond milk, or freshly brewed signature iced tea.

DiaDoce - Thais will be bringing seven delicious cupcakes flavors with her this week. Try refreshing Lemon Basil, Zucchini Vanilla Bean, PB Fudge, Mochachino, Gluten Free Vanilla Cranberry, Vegan Chocolate Banana, or Gluten Free Vegan Triple Chocolate.

Shellbark Hollow Farm -  Donna will have marinated chévre this week - four different marinades- Tuscan Bliss, Provençal, Freshini, and Herb Blast -   great on crackers or a crusty baguette. Enjoy yourself or take along to a BBQ for a great hostess gift.

Schaeffer’s Flowers - Bev and Denny will have lots of bright sunflowers, zinnias, lilies and don't forget their beautiful mixed bunches.

Good Spoon FoodsKate will be back with extra Gazpacho for everyone who missed out last week when she sold out.  She will also be bringing Cool Cucumber & Yogurt and a wonderful new seasonal fruit soup....chilled Cantaloupe.  Kate will also have a fresh batch of Sweet Corn & Poblano Bisque (tasty served hot or cold)

Lindenhof Farm - Axel will be at the market this week bringing lots of fresh poultry for your summer eating pleasure. He will also have a nice selection of pork, lamb and beef items. Plenty of fresh brown eggs, fresh chicken and turkey pies are ready for your dining experience. You are welcome to pre-order from him online. For more info, check out their website:

Blueberry Hill Farm - Peg  will have her sweet cantaloupes, watermelons, corn, five kinds of  juicy tomatoes, eggplants, onions, blackberries, and blueberries. 

Market day Canele - Nem will have her delicious canele as well as Sweet and Sour Plum Tart with Ginger Pastry and a Three Onion Tart with Heirloom Tomatoes and Pancetta.

Stadium Grille will be at market cooking up dinner, including Portobello Burgers from Avello Mushrooms - - - bring your friends, family and neighbors - have a picnic in the park - Veteran's Pavilion is reserved for YOU!

Musicians - we need you - - - if you are interested in entertaining the crowds at the market please let us know!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Let It Pour!!!

Drip . . . Drizzle . . . Spritz . . . Pour . . . Bring it on!!!
Here's a happy pepper - getting a shower, finally, after weeks of no rain!
We have many happy farmers today - George and Ola from Taproot, Bev from Blueberry Hill, the folks at Frecon Orchards and Sam at Maysie's must be wearing big smiles right about now. Keep dancing the rain dance - they need a lot more rain - but this was a start.
Showered chard!      

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What's the Buzzzzzzzzzzzz!?!

Honey - golden, sweet honey - - - from Carmen B's Honey. Meet Karen Battavio, wife of bee tender Carmen Battavio - and East Goshen residents.
Karen is on hand every other week at the market to sell Battavio's honey - she has created a beautiful stand
complete with flowers to entice the bees to make more honey.
This week Karen is sharing 2 recipes with us to feature their honey. Both of these recipes are picnic perfect!!!

Bees in the Garden Coleslaw
Makes 8 - 10 servings
1 head green cabbage, shredded
1 green bell pepper, diced
1/2 cup sweet red bell pepper, diced
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/3 cup honey - Battavio's, of course!
2 Tablespoons vinegar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
1/2 teaspoon celery seed
1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Toss the cabbage and peppers in a large bowl. To make the dressing, combine the remaining ingredients in a medium and mix thoroughly. Toss the dressing with the cabbage and peppers, mix well. Cover and refrigerate until chilled thoroughly. Recipe from

Honey Beets

1 tablespoon cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon beet juice (or water)
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
1/4 cup honey - Battavio's!!!
1 tablespoon butter
2 cups cooked, sliced beets

In a small glass bowl or measuring cup, mix cornstarch and salt. Stir in beet juice (or water). Microwave in high heat for 15 seconds or until thickened, stirring occassionally. Add vinegar, honey, and butter, mix thoroughly.
Place beets in a 1 1/2 quart casserole. Pour sauce over beets. Cover and heat on high for 1 - 2 minutes or until heated through. Do not uncover; let stand for 10 minutes. Reheat 1 minute on high before serving. (from

Here's Karen, Carmen and a loyal customer!
Thanks so much for sharing your recipes with us Karen!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Market Tomorrow - Don't Miss It

Seriously - you wouldn't miss tomorrow's market on account of a little old heat wave - - - and pass up this - - -

the freshest, juiciest sweet corn and tomatoes!!! 

peaches - the juice dripping down your chin - - - the whole experience practically defines a heatwave!!!

And we have two new vendors starting tomorrow.

Good Spoon Seasonal Foods 
offering homemade Gazpacho, Sweet Corn & Poblano Bisque, Broccoli Soup with Cheddar, awesome Beef Chili. Throughout the season Kate from Good Spoon will offer a variety of products that are always made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. She will have refreshing cold soups through the summer, as well as frozen seasonal hot soups that are great to take home for a quick and delicious dinner.
Golden Valley Farms
 brings organic, bird-friendly coffee to our market. Golden Valley Farms is a family owned and operated company. Their strong obsession for coffee is the cornerstone of their business. They take pride in selecting, roasting and packaging the best coffee beans, ensuring customers get fresh coffee everytime
And this week's specials from our producers:
Ridge Valley Farm: Jim will have  their maple syrup in gallon, 1/2 gallons, quarts, pints, & 1/2 pints as well as maple walnuts, pecans,maple granola with and without fruit, maple choc chip cookies, maple coffee cake, & maple snack mix and maple sugar. 
Schaeffer's Flowers:  Bev will be back with glads, lisianthus, colorful zinnias, small and large mixed bouquets, and some bright sunflowers.
Made in the Shade Lemonade:  This week Aldo is making up a special "Blueberry Lemonade", but will also have his "Classic", "Cucumber-Mint", and "Ginger-Peach".  
Carmen B's Honey:  Carmen and Karen are back with their honey.  Stop by and pick some up along with recipes for Bees in the Garden Coleslaw and Honey Beets.
Ellen April Soaps: Ellen returns this week with a variety of luxurious soaps and body products. If you've never experienced their soap, just stop by their booth and they'll be happy to give you a free sample.
Shellbark Hollow Farm:  Stop buy and try our chevre spreads- we have ten flavors- Hot and Sweet, Sassy Bee, Chive, Provencal, Honey, Peppercorn Melange,  Plain, Sun Dried Tomato, Sharp, and Sharp Chive.They are great with crackers, baguettes, wraps, and as a dip for veggies!

It’s Phillies Day at theFarmer’s Market  this Thursday and  
Stadium Grille
Will be offering up Ball Park Fare - 
Wear your Phillies gear and join in the fun! 
The menu includes:bison, pulled chicken and veggie burgers, ribs and chicken, 
and a 
Phillies Phan Giveaway from the Bank
- - - Citizens' Bank Park!!! - - -

Childrens' Activity this week offered by
Joe Shawn  
of Studio 4 the Art Student
Kids will be making a Phillies Phanatic project!!!
Joe teaches classes on comic book drawings, sketching and painting. 
Check out his website:

Music this week is offered by
 Alex Weir and Keegan Loesel
12 year old fiddler and tin whistler
competing in Cavan Ireland this August!

We are looking for musicians - let us know if you've got talent!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What a Beautiful Day at the Market!

Andrew was helping out his Mom at Red Haven Farm Meats - he was a handy recruit to ring in the opening of the market.
And the focus of the day was all about corn - delicious, local sweet corn. Taproot Farm and Blueberry Hill Farm had lots of it - got to get to the market early if you want corn - seems like there is never enough to go around.
Vicki Reilly, a force to be reckoned with on our market planning committee, was busy helping the kids plant the EGFM Children's Flower Garden. This little girl was busy in the garden.

 Both she and her brother enjoyed planting their flowers, compliments of Main Line Gardens, in the garden.
And flowers were not just for the young, but also the young at heart! This woman gathered up a beautiful selection of posies from Schaeffer's Flowers.
I'd like to introduce you to a few more of our market vendors. Here's Marie from My House Cookies.
Of course, Marie makes cookies. Marie is from Glen Mills, but bakes in a commercial kitchen in Philadelphia.
 In addition to cookies, Marie also makes a wide selection of pies - delicious pies!!!
Meet Nem from Market Day Canele - they bring the delectable Bordeaux confection known as the canele - a pastry caramelized on the exterior, while almost pudding like on the inside. In addition to canele, they also have a weekly sweet tart and savory tart.
Here's Thais from Dia Doce Cupcakes. Thais makes "regular" cupcakes, as well as gluten free, soy free, lactose free and vegan selections.
 And if you want some of Thais' cupcakes - get to market early!!!
No, Veronica is not holding a cookie - she is holding one of her homemade doggie treats from Veronica's Doggie Delights. 
Stadium Grille was at the market last week and will be making a return visit this week - they were selling lots of ribs and chicken. It's too hot to cook - - - have dinner in the park!
Last week at the market we welcomed two new vendors. Avello Mushrooms from Kennett Square was there selling beautiful mushrooms - unfortunately I didn't get a picture! Lindenhof farms was also at the market for the first time offering poultry and meats - here's Axel and friends from Lindenhof Farms.
The Chester County Food Bank paid us a visit - - - if you missed them they will be back in the fall.
And no market blog post is complete without photos of kids enjoying popsicles.
 And more kids enjoying popsicles!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blue Skies - Nothing But Blue Skies

The weather forecast for East Goshen Park July 14, 2011 - clear blue skies and 84 degrees!!! A perfect farmers' market day!

This week at the market we're welcoming 2 new vendors: Avello Farm and Lidenhof Meats.

Avello Farms hails from Kennett Square and will be bringing a delectable array of mushrooms to our market including portabellas, baby bellas, shiitake, maitake, oyster, wine caps and, yes, fresh white mushrooms. They also offer a variety of marinated mushrooms.

Axel Lindenhof of Lindenhof Farms brings to the market something we've been sorely missing - chicken, turkey and eggs. In addition to poultry Lindohof also has beef, pork and lamb available - pasture raised, grass fed, no antibiotics, no additives.

Come Hungry to the Market - Stadium Grille will be preparing a healthy selection of dinner options for you including delicious wraps and salads. We'll have plenty or picnic tables for your dining comfort, sunny or shady - you pick the spot. Meet old friends for dinner or make new friends over dinner!

Bring the kiddies - we need to finish planting the East Goshen Farmers' Market Children's Garden this week - we had a bit of a rain delay last week!

We do have some specials this week offered by our vendors:

Shellbark Hollow
To celebrate Bastille Day stop by and try our Provencal Chevre Spread with a swirl of olive oil or our Herb de Provence marinated chevre.  Both are great with crusty baguette.
Dia Doce
Thais has baked up some delicious Salted Caramel, Pina Colada, Plum, Fudge Creme, Gluten Free Elvis, Vegan Berry cupcakes.
Made in the Shade
Aldo will be making yummy, refreshing cucumber-mint, blue-peary, ginger-peach, and "classic" lemonade.  Stop by and enjoy a glass!
Taproot Farm
George and Ola have been busy picking delicious cherry sungold tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes,
baby summer squash, tender green beans, and much much more!

Market Day Canele 
Market Day Canele will be back with their mouth-watering canele. In addition they will be bringing a selection of sweet and savory tarts made with local ingredients.

The Chester County Food Bank will be on hand to share some very important information with market attendees. The Chester County Food Bank is the hub of a network of over 65 food cupboards and feeding sites. Your donations of TIME, FOOD and MONEY go directly to help the people in Chester County - stop by their booth to learn more!

We'll be welcoming more new vendors to the market next week including Good Spoon Seasonal Foods and Golden Valley Coffees. Stay tuned for more information.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 7 - Guest Appearance by Mother Nature

Mother Nature decided to pay us a visit Thursday at the second week of the East Goshen Farmers' Market. I'd like to think she was celebrating our community's commitment to supporting sustainable agriculture and quality, locally made products. She sure put on a show - fireworks exploded and fountains of rain showered us for 45 minutes - when they were finished, and everyone was safe, there was plenty of reason to be thankful! I certainly hope she's gotten all of her excitement out of her system!  

Despite Mother Nature's guest appearance we had a great start to the second week of the East Goshen Farmers' Market - this week we had our official bell ringer - rather bell "clanger". I did take note of this young lad's name, but that paper, along with others were destroyed from the rain. Many thanks to his excellent bell clanging - we started the market promptly at 3:00 to crowds of patrons!

 We had PASA - Pennsylvania Sustainable Agriculture - on hand this week to share information on sustainable agriculture issues affecting our locale - meet Scott from the PASA office - we promise to have you back in calmer weather!
 We also introduced a few new vendors. Here's Ellen from Ellen April Soaps-  - the rain was not kind to her soap - hope everything dried out Ellen! Ellen will be at our market every other week.
Laura's Biscotti was another new vendor. Laura's from Malvern and makes small batch biscotti and granola. She too will be at the market every other week.
 It was a hot day at the market - so everyone was focused on working hard to stay cool. Here's Aldo and his helper from Made in the Shade Lemonade - an instant thirst quencher.
 And here are two young boys enjoying the blueberry lemonade - share nicely!
 Mompops popsicles were everywhere fending off the heat - this little guy is really concentrating on staying cool with his popsicle.
 Brother and sister enjoying the frozen treats.
 This little gal was actually willing to share her treat - no thanks sweetie - you enjoy it!
These sisters had just finished planting flowers in the new East Goshen Farmer's Market Children's Flower Garden - they even brought their own watering pail. We're going to plant some more flowers in the garden next week. Their Daddy is an art teacher and might just host an art project for the kids at the market - what fun!
Even the dogs needed to stay cool - this week we were prepared for our four legged friends with a number of watering holes.
 Do you think blueberries are what makes her hair so beautifully curly?
There were long lines everywhere - what a great opportunity to meet new friends from our community! Why was this line at Blueberry Hill Farms sooooo long - the first corn of the season! Peg promises she'll have lots more corn next week!
No one loves long lines more than our vendors - here's Gabriella from Red Haven Farms - in addition to selling local, antibiotic and hormone free meats, Gabriella also makes beautiful market bags which are for sale at the stand.
It's the goat cheese that makes David smile - who wouldn't buy cheese from this guy! This is David and Donna. In addition to Donna's responsibilities as assistant chief cheese maker for Shellbark Hollow Farm, she is also an invaluable member of the East Goshen Farmers' Market Committee.
 A crowded market always makes Denny smile at Schaeffer's Flowers. Here's a bit of trivia for you - Denny is the brother of Peg from Blueberry Hill Farms!
 To top off our day at the market we had our first musicians - here's Bill Talley of West Chester and friend. Bill actually lined up a 6 piece folk band to play for us that day - as musician #3 arrived, so too did Mother Nature - - - maybe if we ask nice we can get them back to play for us.
Lots more to come at next week's market. July 14th is Bastille Day - and, yes, we will be celebrating in style - - - more details to come!!!

To all who attend our market - thanks so much for your support! When we launched this market we had no idea how the community would respond - you have exceeded all expectations! We hope we are meeting and exceeding your expectations as well. Please feel free to give any and all suggestions to any member of our East Goshen Farmers' Market Committee - we're the women in aprons!