Monday, October 31, 2011

Last Chance to Make Reservations for the Gathering

Tomorrow - Tuesday, November 1st - will be the last day to make reservations for the East Goshen Farmers' Market Harvest Dinner - The Gathering.

The Gathering will be held in Historic Sugartown Village November 6th. The cocktail hour will be in the barn which has been restored and houses an impressive collection of antique farming and woodcarving implements. During cocktails guests will be invited to tour the print shop and general store. Cocktails include a selection of libations made with Root and Snap - 2 liquors from Philadelphia's own Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.

The 8 course dinner will be served in the carriage house. Dinner features a 5 course entree tasting prepared by 5 of the areas most talked about chefs - Sean Weinberg from Restaurant Alba in Malvern, Eric Yost and Zach Grainda from White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia and Wayne, Peter Gilmore from Gilmore's in West Chester, and Terence Feury from Fork in Philadelphia. Dinner courses will be paired with wines from Chester County's own Black Walnut Vineyard, and beer from Downingtown's own Victory Brewing.

Music by the amazing Sideview.

For reservations contact us before noon on Tuesday, November 6th.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Market Buzz - Catching Up

My heavens - it's been a while since our last blog - excuse us please - we were busy planning the East Goshen Harvest Festival - hope you were all able to attend - it was a great day!

Now onto the East Goshen Farmers' Market Harvest Dinner - The Gathering. There are only a few tickets remaining - if you're interested, please let me know. Tomorrow, a full post on just the dinner - - - today we just want to catch you up on the market.

Despite soggy conditions this past week we were happy to see a nice crowd of market shoppers - our hours are 2 PM - 6-ish PM - - - as the days shorten we need to close up shop earlier to be out of the park by darkness. This little guy came prepared for the day in his bright red boots.
Because of the rain this past week we decided to move many of our vendors under the pavilion - it worked out just great. Of course a number of the vendors have too much to cart to the pavilion so they made camp in the parking lot including Blueberry Hill Produce, Livengood Produce, Frecon Fruits, Ridge Valley Maple Syrup and Lindenhof - - - Axel from Lindenhof is getting all ready for Thanksgiving - - - pre-order your fantastic turkey from Axel. You gotta love a guy that will wear this hat!

 Peg's been bringing her beautiful gourds.
Livengood Produce had amazing leeks - I made a delicious confit of leeks which is going onto my pizza tomorrow night - confit of leeks, saga Bleu from Shellbark Hollow, roasted delicata squash from Peg, and Frecon apple slices - YUM!
 Livengood also had these things - truth be told I didn't know what they were - flame red and about the size of duck egg - - - eggplants - never saw anything like them!!! I sauteed them in a little olive oil - - -
and then added some bitter greens from Taproot. They kept their color after sauteeing - so cool! 
Look at these gorgeous purple beans from Livengood
 This little guy came to the market all ready for trick or treating -
Kari from Pureblend Tea introduced me to her Ginger Papaya Tea - my new favorite tea.
 Kate's been making hot soup for the market - nothing like a brisk day at the market with a bowl of soup to keep you warm. She was sick this past week but will be back to market next Thursday.
Issa from Mompops has been bringing his specialty pizzas to the market - bake at home. Here's a hint - if you want one get to market early - they go fast - he welcomes pre-orders!
 Marie over at My House Cookies has amazing Pumpkin Pie - perfect for the fall.
Herc and his lovely wife will be at market this week with their bouquet of mushrooms - what a handsome couple!
Who says Ellen April's soaps are just for girls - here's her Handy Man Special - love her labels!
Peg's got corn again - a late season variety - Aztec - white and sweet!
And nothing says fall like the bounty of cruciferous veggies - giant cabbages,
And perfect cauliflower.
See you at market this week!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Peck of Pickled Pickles, and Parsnips and Cauliflower and Turnips

Autumn veggies - nothing like them - welcoming the cooler days of the season. My problem - I just can't say no to a beautiful vegetable - one visit to the market and the drawers of the fridge are overflowing. Solution - pickle them - this is my favorite time of year to break out the canner, preserving  the bounty of the season to be enjoyed for the months ahead.

It all started so innocently - I bought these gorgeous pickling cukes from Peg at Blueberry Hill.
Who doesn't love a great dilled pickle.

Then I got carried away - - -
 Parsnip and Carrot Pickles with Chiles - - -

Pickled Cauliflower - - - 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trucks at the Market

Last week it was all about the trucks at the market - Peg's Pumpkin Patch - started with this pick-up truck full to the brim with pumpkins of all sizes. If you didn't get your pumpkin last week - no worry - Peg's packing the truck full of pumpkins this week as well. Need help getting your pumpkin to your car - no problem - Peg's handsome son Luke will be on hand to transport them for you.
And then there was Axel - poor Axel had truck troubles. Nothing can stand in the way of Axel getting to the market - he had the tow truck deliver he and his meats to the market! Now that's dedication!

And this week - the Vernilicious Truck is back at market serving up the very popular Bhan Mi Vietnamese hoagie - simply delicious! And did I mention her griddled mac and cheese - YUM! Eat dinner in the park at one of our picnic tables or take it home to enjoy.
See you at market!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Delicious Market Meal Ideas

Here's another idea for a delicious way to use up your market purchases - Chicken Sofrito using Lindenhof's chicken leg / thigh cuts and produce from our market vendors - spicy and satisfying.  Sofrito is a mixture of onion, garlic and jalapeno - all available at the market. This recipe is perfect for a cool autumn evening.
On the side - Jalapeno-Lime Slaw with the beautiful red cabbage and carrots I picked up from Taproot - crisp and refreshing with the Chicken Sofrito.