Saturday, February 4, 2012

What's Cooking? Kefir Roasted Chicken Thighs!

Here's a simple - delicious recipe
Perfect for every night dinners, special occassions
or even Superbowl Sunday!

Start with kefir from Shellbark Hollow Farm
Kefir is a fermented milk 
Goat milk from Shellbark Hollow
Add seasoning - garlic and smoked paprika -
And some beautiful chicken thighs from our 
favorite poultry farmer 

Courtesy of Smitten Kitchen
Promise you - its yummy!
The recipe calls for buttermilk - 
I've made it with both buttermilk and SBH's kefir
The kefir added a depth of flavor the buttermilk just didn't have.

You'll need to marinate the chicken overnight
- here they are ready for the oven - 
dusted with smoked paprika
Out of the oven
Beautifully crisp and browned!
Served them with a winter salad of
Spinach, wild rice, sweet potatoes, parsley root, onion,
dried apples, dried cranberries, 
local hickory nuts,
and dressed with a simple vinaigrette.

The grocery store provided the spinach, wild rice and cranberries, 
everything else came from 
Livengood Farm and Frecon Farm
Eating LOCAL - as local as possible this time of year!

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