Sunday, May 6, 2012

What's Cooking

We would love to know what you're making with your market purchases - 

Have a great recipe -
Share it with us!

Here's an easy recipe
Chicken Sausage Blue Burger with Lovage

What's Lovage?
These are the leaves of the lovage plant - 
looks a lot like celery leaves -
and tastes similar to that as well.
Burkholder's Organics had some beautiful bunches at market this week.
 These are the stems of the lovage plant
They're not necessarily for eating - 
 But they're perfect for drinking - 
They're hollow and make a great straw -
a natural in a bloody Mary!
 These burgers feature Birchrun Hills Blue Cheese.
 The recipe is simple:
Combine a pound of Lindenhof chicken sausage with 
a cup of chopped lovage leaves and 2 minced cloves of garlic.
Place a one inch cube of Blue cheese into the center of the burger, 
forming the burger around the cheese; and . . . 
A tasty chicken sausage bleu burger with lovage - 
top with some Chile Spot Chipotle Finishing Sauce if you like it spicy.
Serve with a salad - Livengood's endive and spinach with Blueberry Hill's radishes
 In the center - melting Blue cheese deliciousness!
The flavor of the lovage adds a fresh new dimension to the burger.

 Earlier today we cheered on these Shellbark Hollow goats 
in the Sly Fox Brewery Goat Races. 
What fun! Thousands were in the crowd.
Sadly, today was not their day -
 Peggy, the 3-legged goat was the winner.
Congratulations Peggy!

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