Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 7 - Guest Appearance by Mother Nature

Mother Nature decided to pay us a visit Thursday at the second week of the East Goshen Farmers' Market. I'd like to think she was celebrating our community's commitment to supporting sustainable agriculture and quality, locally made products. She sure put on a show - fireworks exploded and fountains of rain showered us for 45 minutes - when they were finished, and everyone was safe, there was plenty of reason to be thankful! I certainly hope she's gotten all of her excitement out of her system!  

Despite Mother Nature's guest appearance we had a great start to the second week of the East Goshen Farmers' Market - this week we had our official bell ringer - rather bell "clanger". I did take note of this young lad's name, but that paper, along with others were destroyed from the rain. Many thanks to his excellent bell clanging - we started the market promptly at 3:00 to crowds of patrons!

 We had PASA - Pennsylvania Sustainable Agriculture - on hand this week to share information on sustainable agriculture issues affecting our locale - meet Scott from the PASA office - we promise to have you back in calmer weather!
 We also introduced a few new vendors. Here's Ellen from Ellen April Soaps-  - the rain was not kind to her soap - hope everything dried out Ellen! Ellen will be at our market every other week.
Laura's Biscotti was another new vendor. Laura's from Malvern and makes small batch biscotti and granola. She too will be at the market every other week.
 It was a hot day at the market - so everyone was focused on working hard to stay cool. Here's Aldo and his helper from Made in the Shade Lemonade - an instant thirst quencher.
 And here are two young boys enjoying the blueberry lemonade - share nicely!
 Mompops popsicles were everywhere fending off the heat - this little guy is really concentrating on staying cool with his popsicle.
 Brother and sister enjoying the frozen treats.
 This little gal was actually willing to share her treat - no thanks sweetie - you enjoy it!
These sisters had just finished planting flowers in the new East Goshen Farmer's Market Children's Flower Garden - they even brought their own watering pail. We're going to plant some more flowers in the garden next week. Their Daddy is an art teacher and might just host an art project for the kids at the market - what fun!
Even the dogs needed to stay cool - this week we were prepared for our four legged friends with a number of watering holes.
 Do you think blueberries are what makes her hair so beautifully curly?
There were long lines everywhere - what a great opportunity to meet new friends from our community! Why was this line at Blueberry Hill Farms sooooo long - the first corn of the season! Peg promises she'll have lots more corn next week!
No one loves long lines more than our vendors - here's Gabriella from Red Haven Farms - in addition to selling local, antibiotic and hormone free meats, Gabriella also makes beautiful market bags which are for sale at the stand.
It's the goat cheese that makes David smile - who wouldn't buy cheese from this guy! This is David and Donna. In addition to Donna's responsibilities as assistant chief cheese maker for Shellbark Hollow Farm, she is also an invaluable member of the East Goshen Farmers' Market Committee.
 A crowded market always makes Denny smile at Schaeffer's Flowers. Here's a bit of trivia for you - Denny is the brother of Peg from Blueberry Hill Farms!
 To top off our day at the market we had our first musicians - here's Bill Talley of West Chester and friend. Bill actually lined up a 6 piece folk band to play for us that day - as musician #3 arrived, so too did Mother Nature - - - maybe if we ask nice we can get them back to play for us.
Lots more to come at next week's market. July 14th is Bastille Day - and, yes, we will be celebrating in style - - - more details to come!!!

To all who attend our market - thanks so much for your support! When we launched this market we had no idea how the community would respond - you have exceeded all expectations! We hope we are meeting and exceeding your expectations as well. Please feel free to give any and all suggestions to any member of our East Goshen Farmers' Market Committee - we're the women in aprons!

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