Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We're Moving!

A few weeks back we were begging for rain - enuf is enuf! All of this rain has wrecked havoc with our location in the park - last week was so soggy we had to shift all of our producers to keep them out of the puddles. This week - and likely for the remainder of the season - we will be moving to higher, and drier, ground. We're not moving far - you can park where you've always parked for the market - we're just moving to the brand new path across from Veterans' Pavilion. Here's the map - study it closely so you can see where all of your favorite vendors have been moved - 

Click here for a larger, printable version.
Looks like Mother Nature is thinking about stopping by our market again tomorrow - she must really like us! As always, the market is held rain or shine - electrical storms are a different story. In the event of an electrical storm, market operations will be suspended - the market will not close. Once the storm has passed market operations will resume.

Some of our patrons are simply not bothered by the wet conditions Mother Nature has brought us. This little guy was simply loving all of the puddles at the market last week.
And our four legged friends could have cared less about the soggy conditions. All this handsome pup wanted was a treat from every dog's best friend - Veronica!
Veronica's Doggie Delights caters to every size, shape and breed of dog - and East Goshen Park has a healthy population of dogs. Meet Veronica!
We hope to see you, and all of your carrot loving friends, at the market tomorrow - bring an umbrella and a friend!

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