Monday, November 14, 2011

Do You Know Your Roots?

As the cold days of winter approach so too does the heartier produce - specifically "roots" - can you name these root veggies - all available at the East Goshen Farmers' Market from any of our produce growers - Blueberry Hill, Taproot and Livengood???
Meet celery root - a gnarly looking offering - and one of my favorite veggies. Don't be intimidated by appearances - this root has a delicate celery flavor and adds a wonderful flavor to soups, stews and my favorite - mashed potatoes with celery root and mascarpone - perfect along side of a roasted turkey on Thanksgiving. 

This fella - a rutabaga. A perfect fall pairing is roasted rutabagas with persimmons - this recipe is so delicious. Persimmons are available locally and add a lovely sweetness to the rutabaga.
If you guessed turnip, you're close - this is a Japanese turnip called a Hakurei turnip. They are pure white through and through and very delicate in flavor. My favorite Hakurei recipe is ginger pickled Hakurei.

This is a carrot - called a maroon - because it is maroon in color. Tastes just like - a carrot,
 but just look at how beautiful they are when cut - imagine how stunning they would look in a salad or as crudite.

Now this leggy root stumped even me. At first glance I thought it was a deformed parsnip - nope. It is parsley root - I had never heard of it.
Hmmmm - I've never used this before. Duane from Livengood Produce sent me home with a sample to try - Martha Stewart describes the flavor as a cross between carrots and celery. Her recipe for roasted parsley root is delicious - again - it would be a great side dish for Thanksgiving dinner.
Did you mark your calendar for our Thanksgiving Holiday Market - November 22, 2011 - noon to 3 PM in East Goshen Park - we'll feature over 25 growers and producers for all of your holiday needs.

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