Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Gathering - What a Lovely Evening!

Well, it took over a week to get photos to you from The Gathering - but here they are - in stages. The Gathering was held in the Historic Village of Sugartown. The calm before the storm - here are the tables set for dinner. The dinner portion of the event was held in the Carriage Museum - 2 swathes of tables each seating 50 patrons.
Lining the walls of the Carriage Museum are, carriages - sleighs, buggies, surreys, and even a Conestoga wagon.
The building is beautiful - the perfect venue for our Gathering!
A view from above - this place will not be empty for long.
Meet Sideview - our musical entertainment for the evening. We met Ryan Locher from Sideview at our Farmers' Market, and knew from our first introduction that his music was going to be special - and, we were far from disappointed. Ryan and Sideview friends were perfect for our Gathering - so talented!
As guests arrived they were greeted with a selection of appetizers and beverages on the lawn surrounding the historic barn which now serves as home to an extensive collection of antique farming implements.
Guests were invited to wander through the historic barn, period correct general store and the book bindery.
 At 5:00 PM sharp the market bell rang - dinner was ready to be served and guests were ushered to the Carriage Museum to enjoy an 8 course dinner prepared for them by 5 of the areas most celebrated chefs: Sean Weinberg from Restaurant Alba in Malvern, Terence Feury from Fork in Philadelphia, Eric Yost from White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia, Peter Gilmore from Gilmore's in West Chester and Zach Grainda of White Dog Cafe in Wayne. These amazing chefs were asked to create one course each featuring products available from the East Goshen Farmers' Market growers and producers - this was Top Chef - East Goshen style.
The Menu:

Cocktail Hour
in the Historic Barn at Sugartown
Visit the Historic Print Shop and Barn

A Tasting of Local Libations

Hard Cider:
Crabby Granny and Hogshead

Apple SNAP


Victory Tasting:
Prima Pils and Headwaters Pale Ale


A selection of Hors d'oeuvres from our Market Producers

Butternut Squash Savory Tart

Mushroom Veloute
served with
Parmesan Pepper Biscotti

Smoked Salmon Spread
Herb Garlic Crackers

Horseradish Hummus on Crudités

in the Carriage House

- First Plate -
Sean Weinberg, Restaurant Alba
Pork Tonnato
Black Walnut Mischief 2008

- Second Plate -
Terence Feury, Fork
Victory Lager

- Third Plate -
Eric Yost, White Dog Café
Veal Bolognese
Black Walnut Syrah 2008

- Fourth Plate -
Peter Gilmore, Gilmore’s
Seared Smoked Scallops / Jasmine Rice Cake
Lettuce Butter Sauce
Black Walnut Pinot Gris Off-Dry 2008

- Fifth Plate -
Zach Grainda, White Dog Café
Black Walnut Pinot Noir 2008
Victory Fest Beer

- Intermezzo -
Mojito Pop

- Cheese Tasting -
Chevre Sharp 2 and Purehaven Provence
Black Walnut Blanc Franc 2007

- Desserts -
Canele Chocolate Cookie
Chili Chocolate Cupcake
ROOT Float

If you were lucky enough to attend the dinner - we hope you enjoyed yourself. For those who did not have the opportunity to attend - there's always next year!

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