Monday, September 19, 2011

Where Do Your Veggies Grow - Blueberry Hill

Meet Peg of Blueberry Hill Farm - I got to spend the day with Peg today - what fun! Peg and her husband Clyde, and son Luke work the farm, by themselves, all 40 acres, partially wooded.

I was greeted by Barker - Peg's Rottweiler - yes, that's a cow bell he's wearing, and, yes, he's a really big dog! Barkley's past time - rolling rocks, big rocks!

Blueberry Hill Farm is a produce farm, but Peg does have 3 pet sheep.
This is what the farm is named after - the blueberry hill. Much of the farm has been terraced to control water run off.  Blueberries are certainly not the only veggie Peg grows - her inventory of crops is very comprehensive.
The view of the farmland is stunning - this is a day at the office for Peg, Clyde and Luke - I could get used to this!
So, what do you think is growing here???
Tomatoes, lots of tomatoes!

But just in case you want a few more tomatoes - well, here they are, framed!
Beets as far as the eye can see.
Rows of cruciferous veggies - broccoli, cauliflower and Romanesco.
Gorgeous peppers - had this one for dinner!
And pumpkins - lots and lots of huge pumpkins. Peg plans on bringing a collection of her BIG pumpkins to market in October - perfect for Halloween! More on our pumpkin patch in October!
And Peg actually put me to work today - picking squash. That's my basket of squash - I got them started - there are hundreds, if not thousands, more squash in that field. 
I had so much fun visiting Peg today - she was a wonderful host. It was amazing seeing her farm and everything she grows. Thanks so much Peg!!!

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