Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trucks at the Market

Last week it was all about the trucks at the market - Peg's Pumpkin Patch - started with this pick-up truck full to the brim with pumpkins of all sizes. If you didn't get your pumpkin last week - no worry - Peg's packing the truck full of pumpkins this week as well. Need help getting your pumpkin to your car - no problem - Peg's handsome son Luke will be on hand to transport them for you.
And then there was Axel - poor Axel had truck troubles. Nothing can stand in the way of Axel getting to the market - he had the tow truck deliver he and his meats to the market! Now that's dedication!

And this week - the Vernilicious Truck is back at market serving up the very popular Bhan Mi Vietnamese hoagie - simply delicious! And did I mention her griddled mac and cheese - YUM! Eat dinner in the park at one of our picnic tables or take it home to enjoy.
See you at market!


  1. Does it start at 2 or 3? The township says 2:00, but your blog says 3:00.

  2. Hi - the market hours have changed to 2 - 6 PM because of the earlier setting sun; in the summer we run 3 - 7 PM. Thanks for reminding me to change the blog hours.

  3. Thanks, that helps with my planning!