Friday, June 8, 2012

EGFM Celebrates our Market Kids!

Yesterday at the EGFM was East Goshen Elementary School Day - in the spirit of welcoming "school's out summer" EGFM welcomed EG Elementary School students to the market for a free popsicle! We met lots of new folks and hope to see them at the market every week. Thanks to Mompops for working with us on the special give-away for the day.

The market started with a line of about 100 kids excited to get their free popsicle!
Everyone enjoyed their special treat! 
Everyone said "thank you"! - - - You're more than welcome!
Everyone wore a big smile!
And this little guy passed up the popsicle for a pickle
from our newest vendor - Philly Bill's Dills - amazing fresh made pickles!
Meet Julia - she is our intern for the summer - you're going to see her at the market working on a number of very interesting projects for us. 
Meet Julia!
Notice the banner in the background - the students at East Goshen Elementary made this to celebrate the EGFM visit to Earth Day at the EG Elementary School. It is on loan to us all summer.
She will be working with the Penn State Extension to conduct a survey of the market in July. Julia will also be coordinating a food drive for one of the Chester County food banks. As part of this project, Julia will write a series of blog posts on hunger in Chester County - time to take the blinders off. And if all goes well, Julia will be coordinating a documentary session at the market on the politics of food in America - we're really looking forward to this!

Last week our "kid-tivity" at the market was hosted by Julia and some students from Fugett Middle School - they had a great time playing with red, white, and blue glitter to celebrate Memorial Day. Many thanks to our "kid-tivity" volunteers last week!

A glitter project - outside - its a beautiful thing!

Yesterday our "kid-tivity" was hosted by Center on Central from Paoil - the kids loved their parachute fun! Thanks so much to the folks from Center on Central - we're hoping to have them visit with us again this summer.

And now we need to reach out to our readers - we want to have a "kid-tivity" every week at the market. If you have an interest or a lead for an interest, please see below.

"Kid-tivity" Coordinator
 at the East Goshen Farmer's Market
East Goshen Park
 Thursdays 3 - 7 pm

  • work with manager to plan and supervise activites for children ages 3 - 7 each week at the East Goshen Farmer's Market
  •  coordinate and oversee a staff of volunteers to run the activities
  • Position is perfect for a high school student looking for community service

To apply contact Vicki or Lisa via email.

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