Friday, June 1, 2012


As promised tonight's recipe features the Meyer lemon pasta from one of our newest market food artisans - Vera Pasta - meet Joe from Vera Pasta!
Joe, showing off his handmade pasta!
So here's all you need, with a few tweaks:
Asparagus - all of the produce farmers have a healthy supply, Shellbark Hollow Chevre, Sorrel Leaves , and Meyer Lemon Penne from Vera Pasta.
The recipe calls for lemon - whoops - forgot to pick on up. I did have sorrel on hand from Burkholder's Organics - perfect - sorrel is a lemony green that will make a great substitution for the lemon.

I also picked up these beautiful shelling peas at the market from Peg at Blueberry Hill Farm.

Sure shelling your own peas takes a little more time than using frozen,
Just getting started!
But you just can't compare the flavor - 
Worth the effort - relaxing too!
Today's recipe comes from one of my favorite food blogs - Smitten Kitchen - Lemon Pasta with Asparagus and Goat Cheese (and in this case - sorrel and fresh shelled peas as well). Click here for the recipe. If you want to give my variations a try just add a handful of chopped sorrel leaves in place of the lemon, and throw in a handful of peas when you add the asparagus in the recipe. The chèvre mingles and melts into the pasta - pulling all of the ingredients together! Quick and easy, and so delicious!
Yum - a simple salad completes this meal!
Dessert - some of this amazingly tart lemon buttermilk ice cream from Zsa'a Gourmet Ice Cream with strawberries.

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