Saturday, July 7, 2012

EGFM Photo Album July 5th

Most markets I take more photos than I can use - 
Let's give this a try - 
a weekly market photo album -
not much chatter, just captions!
Many thanks to our kidtivity leaders for the day - they had bubble fun!
Broccoli from Blueberry Hill Farm
Blueberry Hill's eggplant - the most photographic veggie!
Green peppers from BB Hill.
Cute couple - eh? That's Peg's son Luke, and you all know Lauren from BB Hill.
Ahhhh, love!
Peg was taking a well-deserved break from the heat on Thursday.
Carmen was showing off his new honey jars - his wife Karen added the flowers!
Lindenhof Farms had lost of fresh chickens.
Not that photogenic, but great on the grill!
As if we need an excuse to eat a popsicle!
On Thursday it was medicinal!
The nice folks at Golden Valley Coffee Roasters kept us cooled down
with delicious iced coffee.
Veronica's dog treat of the day - beef and cheddar twists!
Lucky - the cheese at Shellbark Hollow got to take an ice bath!
What I would have done to trade places!
Guacamole - lots of guacamole!
Organic greens and herbs from Burkholders.
Burkholder green beans - quilty.
So, they say eating spicy food keeps you cool by making you perspire -
I should have purchased a peck of peppers from Burkhlders!
Attention! At ease pickles!
Frecon Farm - Splurge - get one of each!
Today's feature pasta flavor at Vera's Pasta - Chili Lime!
A shot of the ever elusive Ricotta Gnocchi from Vera -
this stuff sells out so fast its been impossible to get a picture!
Go on - you deserve it - chocolate peanut butter;
naughty, nutty, chocolate-y!
Livengood's sweet onions -
Grill up thick slices of them -
Serve with Grilled Livengood Pork Chops!
So, it was hot at market on Thursday - at least we're not out there today - phweeeee!. Hope all of our farmers market vendors were careful at their Saturday markets today; hope you're careful out there today too. Drink lots of water.

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