Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Celebrating the Farmer

Mark Bitman, New York Times food columnist, wrote a thought provoking piece on the celebration of the farmer in his Opinionator column yesterday - Celebrate the Farmer.  

I don't want to summarize it here - I want you to take the time to read Mr. Bitman's column, to really think about where your food comes from, to understand the importance of the farmer in our food supply. 

The little EGFM - it is important - as is every farmers market out there that offers the nation's farmers a place to, not just sell their tomatoes, but to connect with you, the consumer. To help you to understand where your food comes from, how your decision to shop at a local farmers market dramatically impacts the livelihood of many, and just how much your support matters, not just locally, but collectively in the impact farmers markets have had on a national scale - "real farmers growing real food".

Please take the time to read this article - then forward it to a friend.

And, please take the time to shop at a farmers market.

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