Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Loving Okra - Seriously

This market manager loves okra - 
no matter what shape or size - 
both Livengood Farms and Burkholder Organics have been selling gorgeous pods!

And not just the southern deep fat fried version,
as good as it tastes,
its just not that good for you with all that extra fat!

I want to introduce you to 2 recipes that will show you 
how to tame the dreaded okra slime;
and, will turn you into an okra lover.

Pickling okra is so easy - follow the recipe link above.
If you're new to canning foods pick up a copy of the Blue Book from Ball's - 
the authority on all things canned!
Remove the little petals from the pods.
 Cut off the tip of the stem
 All prepped for the jars 
 Fit the okra into the jars - 
make it pretty!
 All packed - 
 Topped off with the pickling liquid - 
 A quick trip in the canner and voila!
Crunchy and delicious
and, no slime!
Personally I like to add spice to my pickling solution in the form of cayenne pepper!

And the second recipe that will make you fall head over heels for okra - 
This recipe is so easy, and so kid friendly!
All you need is okra and -
The trick to roasted okra perfection
- a hot oven -

Go ahead - try these okra recipes!
I promise you will learn to love okra!

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