Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eggplant and Lamb - Market Manager Style!

It just so happened that both Donna and I decided to cook a lamb and eggplant dish this week.
Guess we could call this Dueling Eggplants - 
but this isn't a competition -
just a great way to use your market produce!

Here's my recipe
from Martha Stewart

Here is my eggplant all sliced up
Notice - practically no seeds - really dense and meaty.
 The recipe calls for salting the eggplant to remove excess moisture and bitterness.
 I used my bacon press to weight the stack of salted eggplant - it worked well.
Bought my ground lamb from Lindenhof Farm.
Its seasoned with cinnamon, oregano and cumin -
The aroma is amazing! 
All set for the oven with a dusting of panko.
 And fresh from the oven - I used tomatoes to top the dish, not part of the recipe.
This dish is very low in fat if you drain the browned lamb very well.
Its also one of those dishes that improves with time -
The leftovers had even more pronounced flavors! 

a Food and Wine recipe.
Here are the eggplant halves after roasting in the oven
Nicely browned.
Looks like the eggplant is different from what I used.
Need to talk to these farmers to see what they are growing.
We both bragged about the gorgeous eggplants we used.
The lamb, from Lindenhof Farm, is flavored with cinnamon and cumin,
similar to my dish,
but has tamarind paste and tomato paste to add acidity.
 Here's the finished dish, beautiful!
Donna reported that the lamb was seasoned perfectly,
the cinnamon really stood out.

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