Monday, September 24, 2012

Corny Cook-Off

A few weeks ago we had an eggplant cook-off.
No competition - 
Pick an ingredient,
and see what the EGFM Market Managers can cook up with it!

This week - 
Operation Summer Sweet Corn!

My recipes, yup did two,
an appetizer and an entree:

The recipe for the corn fritters calls for crushed corn - 
A box grater works great for this purpose,
crushing the corn and liberating all of the sweet juice.
Wear an apron - it gets a little messy!
This is what you end up with - 
crushed corn and corn liquor.
I find that you need to add a bit more flour than called for in the fritter recipe, 
the batter should resemble a pancake batter.
 For an appetizer I served up the fritters with the last of the pickled okra,  
 And some of my delicious tomato jam for a topping.
It was a perfect pairing.

I also included corn in my entree,
I'll admit I was skeptical of this recipe at first glance, 
but I had all of the needed ingredients from EGFM last week so I thought I'd give it a try.
Lindenhof chicken thighs, 
fresh plum tomatoes and corn from Blueberry Hill, 
lima beans from Livengood, 
green pepper and onions from Burkholders.

The recipe is insanely simple.
All cooked up in one pot, 
and perfect for autumn's brisk temperatures. 
 Simple and delicious - everyone loved it!
I rarely repeat a recipe but I will bring this back to the table.
I served it up with some hearty olive bread from St. Pete's Bakery.
It made lots - the leftovers paired up great with couscous.
Tomorrow - let's see what Donna did with her summer sweet corn project!

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