Friday, September 21, 2012

Market Mugs and More!

It was just a beautiful day at the EGFM yesterday - 
we collected lots of food and funds for the St. Agnes Day Room in West Chester - 
the folks at the Day Room were so thankful this morning when I dropped off our donations! Thanks to all who participated.

And now - just some fun photos from yesterday - enjoy!

The talented Buoni kids were back! 

And this week the littlest Buoni got to show off!
She played Mary had a Little Lamb and Hot Cross Buns!
Very Impressive  

A star was born!

Kari, from Pureblend, has a new display, impressive!

And some great new packaging!

Axel from Lindenhof Farm
Love the shirt!
Feed the World with Local Food!

Oley Valley Mushrooms are back at the market!
Gorgeous oyster mushrooms!
I got to visit their farm this past winter - so impressive!

This huge honey bee was watching over Carmen's honey!

This photo cannot capture the excitement 
these 3 kids had when they spied each other at the market - 
they were all giggles!

Baby pumpkins - - - 
that can only mean the big guys are soon to make a showing at the market.

This little guy got his little pumpkin and was so proud of it!

And all this little fella cared about was his popsicle - 
hey, whatever keeps 'em happy, and healthy!

The greens of the cooler autumn weather are sneaking into the market
Arugula - love it!

Still baskets of plum tomatoes to be had - 
make your own sauce - 
its so good!

Livengood has been using their own tomatoes to make delicious ketchup and sauce!
Give them a try!

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