Saturday, September 29, 2012

Photo Album September 27

So - - - what happened at market this week?
Well this little cutie rang the bell to open the market - 
her prize - a popsicle to match the one on her shirt!
She came prepared!
Marie from My House cookies baked up some new special treats:
Bread Pudding,
Whoopie Pies (Rumor - pumpkin whoopies are up next),
and chocolate chip rice krispy treats!
 Mompops started bringing their
Take It / Bake It Pizza's - 
easy dinner!
 Sweet potatoes are in season - 
Oh, the possibilities!
 Swiss Chard too!
 Blueberry Hill had yet another new variety of corn.
 Broccoli also started showing up at the market!
Beautiful enough to use as a bouquet!
Here's Vicki with a lovely bunch of broccoli! 
Concord grapes from Livengood- 
if you never tasted a fresh concord grape -
you don't know what you're missing!
 Frecon Apples - my favorite honey crisp!
 Frecon Pears - so sweet!
 Oley Valley Mushrooms - little shiitakes!
 Burkholder Organics had cruciferous veggies - 
cabbage and cauliflower!
 Blueberry Hill brought their first pumpkins - 
next week - - - the pumpkin patch arrives!
Beautiful pumpkins - great prices!
 Crazy big stems!!!
 We just love her - - - 
Lissie our harpist!
Sooooo talented!
 Frecon Caramel Apples!
 Cider - apple cider - - - and, finally, pear cider!!!
 Jenny and Franks new fall flavors:
maple apple cider sorbet - swoon!
 Gourds for all of your autumn decorating.
 A market shopper showing off her new shirt - 
from the Common Ground Fair in Maine -
We love to hear about other markets, near and far!
And we love the garlic scapes on the shirt!
 Always smiling - - - 
The Golden Valley Girls!
So much fun to have at the market!
See you next week at the EGFM!

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