Saturday, September 22, 2012

Squirrel-ing It Away

Its that time of year!
Squirrels are busy hiding nuts,
and I'm busy canning - - - 
same purpose - 
stash the best of the season for the cold days of winter!

And, yes, I've been busy!
Here's the line-up!

I do this just because I like to see the fruits of my labor -
my parade of preserves!
Most from my new favorite blog - Food in Jars - check it out!
 I've lost count of just how much I've canned so far.
Lots of spicy green beans - 
some jars are green, yellow and purple beans!
 Oodles of spicy, dilled pickles!
 More tomato jam than I care to admit to.
And, I've already given lots away to family and friends.
 Plum star anise jam on the left, pickled tomatoes on the right.
 Dilled garlic spears,
 Pear cardamom preserves,
and, well, there was pickled okra, but, well, we lost control and ate all of it - 
before the first frost - that's wrong!

And, our freezer is full of quarts and quarts of sour cherries, 
pureed tomatoes and sweet corn. 

And, no, my family doesn't eat all of this - 
it becomes hostess gifts, thank you acknowledgements and more.

Have you pickled or preserved anything this summer?
Share it with the EGFM blog!

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