Saturday, October 13, 2012

House Rules

So remember all of those gorgeous veggies and fruits I canned for the colder days ahead.
Well those colder days arrived this morning.
Official House Rules 
(with respect to my canning projects - there are many house rules!)
No canned good can be open until the first frost!
Well - we had our first frost this morning! 
 My pick for the first sampling
These little gems were new to my canning repertoire - 
I couldn't wait to try them
 Here they are ready for the lid to be popped.
Notice, if you've canned something you never want to store it with the band on the lid.
If something went awry in the canning process 
the jar could explode in your pantry - not pretty!

These tomatoes are amazing - 
so delicious! 
I've already put a call into Peg from Blueberry Hill Farm
 to reserve the last of the season's tomatoes -  
I can put up a few more jars next week.

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