Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photo Album - EGFM October 11th

Gorgeous day at the market!
Two of our regulars stopped by to smell the sunflowers.
 Taste tests were everywhere -
This little fella is sampling Jenny and Franks Gelato - 
I think he likes it!
Lissie was on harp -
What a trooper - it was a cold day for a harpist! 
And folks really enjoyed her music - 
she's amazing!
Our Golden Valley Girls!
They're always entertaining!
Enjoying a serving af French fries from the Sunflower Truck
Axel, from Lindenhof Farms, had a new name tag - 
Did you pre-order your turkey for Thanksgiving -
Oh the produce!
Broccoli and Cauliflower
 Jewel-like turnips!
 Tomatoes - get them while they last!
This cooler weather is not their friend.
 Delicata squash
 Leeks - robust!
 Peppers - pick your favorite color!
 Spinach - these cool days are perfect for spinach.
 Skinny eggplants
 Sweet potatoes - sunny, sweet potatoes
 Cabbage patch
 Hands down - the coolest looking veggie at the market today!
Spicy hots!
 Figs - perfection.
 Hand painted lettuce - beautiful!
They might look like pumpkins, 
one taste will prove different
John & Kira's Chocolate Pumpkins
And new this week from John & Kiras
Tortoises - salted, caramel, nutty, chocolate goodness!
 Yes, chocolate hummus, from FreshAPeel
 More chocolate-y goodness
Dia Doce's decadent chocolate-y cupcakes!
St. Pete's Pumpkin Pie
Get your orders in for Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving market Tuesday, November 20!
 Another St. Pete's Pie
Full of fall-fresh apples!
 Sesame semolina loaves!
 Sunflower Truck Stop
They had a beautiful veggie display
and a menu full of deliciousness!

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