Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Eight days left in October - still time for a great Octoberfest!
Top of the list - Birchrun Hills Bockwurst!
These wursts are the best!
Cook them up with some Frecon Hard Cider and 
Wills Valley Sauerkraut.
 Here's how I cooked mine:
In a deep saute pan,
saute one large shallot in olive oil until softened.
Add 2 chopped apples and a bay leaf, 
stir and cook until the apples are softened.
Sprinkle with about 2 Tbsp. of brown sugar.
 Add one jar of sauerkraut and 1 1/2 cups of hard cider;
heat to a simmer. 
Add the wursts and allow to simmer for a half hour.
Season with salt and pepper. 
 While your waiting for the wurst to finish simmering mix up some honey mustard;
yummy on the wursts.
 You are just gonna love this dish!
So simple, all about Octoberfest.
To drink - more Frecon hard cider of course.
Sorry we can't sell it at the market,
but you can pick it up at their store in Boyertown.
 On the side - roasted fingerling potatoes!

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